Blindsided yet again

Beauty By Kendrac Eduction Blindsided yet again
Blindsided yet again


Blindsided yet again

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That government expenditure on India’s healthcare sector is abysmally low and has been so for the past many years, is widely known. Any hopes that the pres­ent government would ramp it up significantly were dashed to pieces with finance minister Arun Jaitley’s Budget speech in Parliament last Saturday. The allocation for 2015-16

stood at slightly over ?33,000 crore, which means it would remain at 2012-13 levels for the coming finan­cial year as well. This is in sharp contrast to the National Health Policy 2015 document, released by the Union government in Decem­ber, where the government expen­diture on healthcare is projected to increase from the current 1.04
per cent of GDP to 2.5 per cent in the next five years. The document also envisages a seven-fold growth of the healthcare industry as a whole (including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc) by 2020.

As can be expected, the responses from various segments of the health­care industry ranged from cautious optimism to total disappointment. The CEOs of many companies chose to focus more on general points such as the rollout of goods & ser­vices tax, the slight reduction in corporate tax, etc, rather than talk about their own industry.

SUMIT GHOSHAL [email protected]

Rajiv Nath

forum co-ordinator, AIMED (Association of Indian Med­ical Device Manufacturers): The FM dwelt in some detail about mea­sures              to

encourage manufac­turing. But were    his

proposals at par with the expec­tations gen­erated till now? I am sorry to say, the budget does not match the intentions or opti­mism generated till date. Intentions galore but the fineprint was missing.

Suneeta Reddy

MD, Apollo Hospitals group: Overall, this has been a for­ward-looking and stable Bud­get. A lot more, however, needs to be done in terms of providing physical and educational infrastruc­ture that supports the healthcare sector. This has to be done in partnership with and by giv­ing incentives to the private sector that has been provid­ing nearly 70 per cent of the additional beds in India.

Cautam Khanna

CEO, Hinduja Hospital, Mum­bai: All told, healthcare did not seem a focus area for the government. The total budget of ?33,150 crore is not a significant increase over the pre­vious year.

The ‘ AliMS proposals are good but the tax exemption for health insur­ance will not help those who do rjot have insurance in the first place. Besides, one noticed a lost opportunity in PPP options.

Azad Moopen,

CMD, Aster DM Healthcare: Increase in the visa on arrival facility to nearly 150 countries will have a positive impact , on inflow of tourists to India on a broader level and will benefit the health­care sec­tor by more flow for

health tourism. Insurance coverage would get a boost with the tax exemptions on health insurance premiums being hiked from ?15,000 to ?25,000.


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