Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter

Beauty By Kendrac Science Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter
Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter


Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter

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Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter

It may still be five years since its launch, and more than a decade before our explorer of the icy moon of Jupiter reaches the gas giant and its frozen moons, but the preparations are well advanced.

The impression of this new artist is the final design of the spacecraft, the construction of which is overseen by Airbus Defense and Space.

The solar panels of the spacecraft form a distinct form of 97 m², the largest ever fly in an interplanetary mission.

Size is essential to generate enough energy – 850 W – for instruments and spacecrafts a lot of sun.

According to the SEC July 17 (local time), it has been equipped with a laboratory instrument that will study the turbulent atmosphere of Jupiter and extensive magnetosphere, and the study of planet-sized moons, Ganymede, Europe and Callisto.

The three moons are believed to have oceans of liquid water under their icy shells and should provide key clues about the potential of these moons housing habitable environments.

The cameras will capture exquisite juice detail of the lunar characteristics as well as the identification of ice and minerals on their surfaces.

Other instruments will sound underground and interior moons to better understand the location and nature of its underground oceans. Dim atmosphere around the moon will also be explored.

Spacecraft also includes arrows such as 10 m long magnetometer mast (seen below under Artist’s impression), a 16 m radar antenna (long bar at the top) and antennas for measuring electric and magnetic fields.

Ganymede is the only moon in the solar system to generate its own internal magnetic field and juice is well equipped to document its behavior and explore its interaction with the Jupiter magnetosphere.

The juice is to be released in the year 2022 in a trip of seven years for the system of Jupiter. His tour will include a dedicated orbiting phase of Jupiter, directed flybows Europe, Ganymede and Callisto, and finally nine months in orbit around Ganymede – the first time the moon beyond ours was an orbitée spacecraft.

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