How to prepare for the CDS examination at home effectively

Beauty By Kendrac Eduction How to prepare for the CDS examination at home effectively
How to prepare for the CDS examination at home effectively


How to prepare for the CDS examination at home effectively

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Frankly, I do not have much knowledge of the CDS opinion, I am more inclined to review UPSC civil. I always tell the basic concepts that are necessary for the review.
Must read texts like NCERT, newspapers (for routine matters) must have a good command of mathematics. I might also have standard reference books, but I do not know.

Give me a week or two, I’ll have information about it and I’ll know.

Then proceed questionnaires from previous years and tell me your experience in the solution. This will help you to know how much during the exam before the preparations. Give me an idea that as you always do your job or grading your work, your doubts about a topic or part of CDS curriculum in particular.


He has already answered, but will meet again. The CDSE has the difficult air, but can be easy to use with practice.

There is only one strategy if you have a good knowledge base and it is a practice. The reason is very simple. For example, consider the role of math in CDSE, have 100 questions in total, and assume that you can solve all problems by taking your time. This means that you have the topic, know how to deal with these issues. This will not be enough in the review and it will not help you score out. Even if you get the same result, you will not have a good chance in the last stage of selection so your score would be very low.

Therefore, practice is the key. When I gave CDSE for the first time, I could not do that 34 correct questions with the negative 17. I returned to the house and when I resolved the next day I felt very bad that I could not run as I wanted. I have resolved 58 questions in 100 correctly (taking my time, of course). Next time, all he did was practice. I have 56 correct questions on this occasion and I had 8 negative points. See, that’s a significant improvement. Practice makes all the difference.

Role of News Paper

And regarding the role of general knowledge, I suggest you read the daily HINDU. This will help you improve your English and will keep you abreast of today. History, geography, science and technology must be covered by the NCERT text (required). Again, it takes a lot of practice to score easily in this section. Some questions test your memory capacity. So if you have an excellent memory, I have nothing to say. If you are more than just another type of storage medium like me, you need a practice. Practice improves memory retention, which, in turn, helps to eliminate and recognize the correct response of the given options.

English can also be covered by some standard reference books / texts. Some sources I found helpful in preparing:

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