Five reasons why Amit Shah is hopeful about BJP’s ‘Mission 350’

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Five reasons why Amit Shah is hopeful about BJP’s ‘Mission 350’

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The BJP declared its mission for 2019: to win more than 350 of the 543 Lok Sabha seats for Narendra Modi. This is an important order, but its president, Amit Shah, believes that it is in the realm of possibility.

Shah is currently on a 110-day national tour to connect with stand group workers and has set specific targets for party leaders for the upcoming general elections in Lok Sabha.

He met with a group of senior BJP leaders on Thursday to give them a speech and present a plan to accomplish the mission. Here are five reasons why Amit Shah relies on BJP’s return to power in 2019 and with a bigger victory.

120 seats: the BJP won 282 Lok Sabha seats in 2014. There are around 120 Lok Sabha seats that the BJP has never won in the past. Shah named “mentors” for these seats of Lok Sabha.

The goal is to feed them over the next year and a half and turn them into a BJP bastion. “Even if we can win half of these 120 seats, we will reach a figure of 350,” HT told a trade union minister who attended the meeting on Thursday.

Narendra Modi: The Prime Minister remains the most popular leader of the BJP, and Shah is convinced that there are no goals in Modi’s personal appeal.

Several investigations carried out by Shah have shown that Modi’s popularity has increased since 2014 and remains several miles ahead of his closest rivals. Unclear about the opposition PM, who will take Modi in 2019, the BJP is convinced he will have an edge in the upcoming elections.

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Pro-Poor Policies: The BJP hopes that several populist regimes, such as the free GLP connection for LPG families, will do wonders in the upcoming elections. Shah believes it was the effective deployment of these regimes that helped the party win states like Uttar Pradesh with a three-quarter majority.

The BJP succeeded in launching its pro-rich and pro-business image, which even led the Rahul Gandhi Congress to bring the Karate Sarkar boot to Modi in the past.

Congress: Congress remains the main rival of the BJP, at the national level. Shah told BJP leaders that any anti-Modi formulation would not survive without the support of the great old party. But that’s the BJP’s food base.

Congress lost a number of elections, the Punjab being an exception, and there is no immediate relief. The BJP is convinced to win Himachal Pradesh this year and Karnataka next year.

Both are currently governed by Congress. With Congress weakening in the states, Shah hopes he will not survive the BJP attack in the upcoming elections.

New areas: Shah is delighted with BJP’s response in states like Odisha, West Bengal, Kerala and the Northeast. The BJP has its government: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and six deputies of the Trinamool Congress merged with BJP in Tripura.

He won an assembly seat for the first time in Kerala and behaved well in the panchayat elections in Odisha, replacing Congress as the main opposition to the decision of Biju Janta Dal. Odisha and Bengal alone represent 63 Lok Sabha seats. The BJP expects to increase its score in these states….

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