12 days and counting: Manipur Baptist village stalls woman’s burial as she became Catholic

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12 days and counting: Manipur Baptist village stalls woman’s burial as she became Catholic

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Death can be divided, a blocked burial and a cremation under the protection of the police revealed in the northeast.

A 42-year-old woman in Manipur denied burial for 12 days by her Christian-dominated Baptist people who excommunicated her family seven years ago for allegedly being a Catholic Christian.

Rita Haorei died on August 7 and her body lied from a Catholic church in the Litan village of Ukhrul district, 40 kilometers north of the state capital, Imphal.

Her husband, Yangmi Haorei, who lives in Litan, refused to bury him outside his hometown, Leingangching.

Leingangching and Litan are inhabited by the Tangkhuls, a dominant community of Nagas in the Ukhrul district.

The impasse has attracted attention at the state level. On Thursday, a Joint Action Committee (CCC) of Catholics held a rally in the capital of Manipur, Imphal, which required the burial of women.

The JAC has sent a memorandum to Manipur’s chief minister, N Biron, seeking his help so that Rita can bury Leingangching under guarantee.

The committee also demanded the abolition of a rural non-written law – that of “One people, one denomination” – because “it is inhumane and violates fundamental human rights.”

The Catholic congregation in the Ukhrul district also organized a public event on Wednesday at Ukhrul’s headquarters, 84 km north of Imphal against the people’s ordinances prohibiting burial.

Similarly, the Catholic community based in northeastern Delhi and Tangkhul Christian Fellowship criticized the “corpse controversy.”

They called for tolerance, peace and harmony, emphasizing that “parochialism denies the principles of the secular, democratic and progressive.”

But the elders of the village of Leingangching are unwilling to relax. “He (Yangmi, widower) has no right to say that he is from our people because he was excommunicated and banished from our town for violating the rules of the village several times.

It is our internal affair and has nothing to do with Christian denominations, “said village chief Wungreikhan Kasar. This is the second death controversy in the Northeast of this month.

Four days after Rita’s death, Christian residents of Mylliem Meghalaya tried to prevent members of Niam Khasi, an indigenous faith, cremating an old man from the place called Nongrum Kulam.

Mylliem, in the East Khasi Hills district, is 15 km from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong. “The Christians of the village opposed when the parents of Nongrum tried to create it according to the rituals of Niam Khasi.

We have arranged things and let the body GROW, “said Davis Marak, the district police director, to Rangli HT.Tma T-Juki (TUR), a body of progressive people said the cremation could be carried out only After Seng Khasi, a traditional body of Niam Khasi adherents, provided space.

“This intolerance has meant that most of the members of Niam Khasi in this area have no choice but to bury their dead against their deep beliefs Religious at the cremation, “a TUR spokesman said.

The NGO said Niam Khasis had been previously attacked for violence and beaten with prosecution. His space dedicated to rituals was also desecrated.

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