The Latest: Amtrak says railroad tracks reopened for service

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The Latest: Amtrak says railroad tracks reopened for service

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The Latest: Amtrak says railroad tracks reopened for service

The last of the derailment of an Amtrak Sunday passenger train in Washington (all local times):

Amtrak said the railroads over which one of its derailed locomotives were reopened for service at restricted speed.

The company added in a statement that train passengers derailed waterfalls are taking in Tacoma aboard five buses.

The locomotive car derailed and the luggage at 14:30. Sunday, Amtrak said. Several people suffered minor injuries.

The train, which carried 267 passengers derailed near the Chambers Bay golf course, which was the site of the Open in 2015 the United States.

Amtrak identified the locomotive derailed near a city in Pierce County, Washington in the District, as Amtrak Cascades, which runs between Vancouver, Canada and Eugene-Springfield, Oregon, on the KOMO television reports.

The station reports that Amtrak said that the locomotive car derailed and the luggage at 14:30. Sunday. Amtrak said several people suffered minor injuries.

Amtrak said the train was carrying 267 passengers. The company said in its statement that all passengers were evacuated and received another means of transport, KOMO reported.

The Gig Harbor Police Department says one of its patrol boats used by environmental officials to implement anti-pollution prey to prevent derailment from fleeing to a nearby water basin.

The department posted a photo Sunday afternoon on their Twitter account showing the work.

Four wagons of the Amtrak train, which carried about 200 passengers, derailed at 3 am. Sunday close to the Bay Chambers golf course.

West Pierce Fire said passengers were evacuated from the scene.

The photos published in social media showed several train cars on the rails inclined by the waters of the bay.

There is no information on the cause of the derailment.

Steilacoom is about 45 miles south of Seattle. The Chambers Bay Golf Course was the site of the US Open 2015.

Portions of an Amtrak passenger train derailed near a town in Pierce County, Washington.

The Pierce County sheriff’s office said on Twitter that it appears to be minor derailment injuries near the sea near the town of Steilacoom.

Four train wagons, carrying about 200 passengers, derailed Sunday afternoon near the Bay of Cameras golf course.

West Pierce Fire said passengers were evacuated from the scene.

The photos published in social media showed several train cars on the rails inclined by the waters of the bay.

There is no information on the cause of the derailment.

Steilacoom is about 45 miles south of Seattle. The Chambers Bay Golf Course was the site of the US Open 2015.

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Best cheap inversion table


Best cheap inversion table that you must Buy at affordable Range

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Who suffer from back pain? Problems in joints? Or do you just want to stretch and train these muscles? From improving posture to avoiding back pain, inversion tables can do much more than relax muscles and relieve pain. With the increasing number of options that exist in the market, finding the best investment chart that suits your needs can be a difficult and challenging task.

Features Although most inversion tables provide the basic functions of providing an inversion therapy in the comfort of your own home, some of the latest models have improved, such as better angle control, more padding for comfort and better Closing system.

Here we will give you the Definitive Guide of the Best cheap inversion table which you must buy and save money. All the additional feature of the Inversion tables and Parameter to buy it is given here in this article.

To this end, below will find a detailed review of the table of the investment team of the top ten positions on the market.


Additional Features

While filtering the results, we make sure to select products that delight users when they choose to buy their investment table. The soft foam mat, with nylon strips and insulated structures to heat, additional features include over investment. Non-slip covers lumbar support, everything is there. We also have a massage that offers an adjustable quality.


This can be the most important decision factor for many users, we make sure to keep a balance between the results, so you will find them all running the same function as the price increase only when additional benefits are provided by the company.

The bottom line

Over time, we will not be as potent as monkeys, but they will undergo physical and mental pressure, which undoubtedly has an impact on our health, such as investment tables that will surely be a great success for anxiety and its popularity It was not the one that increased over time. With so many options on the market, the above options are better in terms of important factors such as value for money, comfort and safety. I’m sure you have a good time and want to invest your good health.

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How to prepare for the CDS examination at home effectively


How to prepare for the CDS examination at home effectively

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Frankly, I do not have much knowledge of the CDS opinion, I am more inclined to review UPSC civil. I always tell the basic concepts that are necessary for the review.
Must read texts like NCERT, newspapers (for routine matters) must have a good command of mathematics. I might also have standard reference books, but I do not know.

Give me a week or two, I’ll have information about it and I’ll know.

Then proceed questionnaires from previous years and tell me your experience in the solution. This will help you to know how much during the exam before the preparations. Give me an idea that as you always do your job or grading your work, your doubts about a topic or part of CDS curriculum in particular.


He has already answered, but will meet again. The CDSE has the difficult air, but can be easy to use with practice.

There is only one strategy if you have a good knowledge base and it is a practice. The reason is very simple. For example, consider the role of math in CDSE, have 100 questions in total, and assume that you can solve all problems by taking your time. This means that you have the topic, know how to deal with these issues. This will not be enough in the review and it will not help you score out. Even if you get the same result, you will not have a good chance in the last stage of selection so your score would be very low.

Therefore, practice is the key. When I gave CDSE for the first time, I could not do that 34 correct questions with the negative 17. I returned to the house and when I resolved the next day I felt very bad that I could not run as I wanted. I have resolved 58 questions in 100 correctly (taking my time, of course). Next time, all he did was practice. I have 56 correct questions on this occasion and I had 8 negative points. See, that’s a significant improvement. Practice makes all the difference.

Role of News Paper

And regarding the role of general knowledge, I suggest you read the daily HINDU. This will help you improve your English and will keep you abreast of today. History, geography, science and technology must be covered by the NCERT text (required). Again, it takes a lot of practice to score easily in this section. Some questions test your memory capacity. So if you have an excellent memory, I have nothing to say. If you are more than just another type of storage medium like me, you need a practice. Practice improves memory retention, which, in turn, helps to eliminate and recognize the correct response of the given options.

English can also be covered by some standard reference books / texts. Some sources I found helpful in preparing:

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'Not allowed to speak' on anti-Dalit violence, Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha

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‘Not allowed to speak’ on anti-Dalit violence, Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha

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‘Not allowed to speak’ on anti-Dalit violence, Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha

NEW DELHI: Bahajan Samaj Party Majou (BSP) Mayawati resigned from the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday after threatening to leave the upper chamber “can not speak” of atrocities against Dalits and minorities.

“I was talking about atrocities against the Dalits, because I belong to this community, but the Treasury banks do not allow me to say it. How can I continue in this environment?” Mayawati told the media after presenting his letter of resignation to the President of the Rajya Sabha.

(See why Mayawati took the onslaught of Rajya Sabha)
“It is not that I can not speak of the Chamber of the subjects near me … When I came to speak, the government does not allow me to finish.” As the party in power was not allowed to raise these issues, I decided to renounce Rajya Sabha, “he added.

Mayawati resigns.
With the support of opposition deputies, Mayawati spoke of violence in the anti-Jalta-Republicite district of Saharuguais of Uttar Pradesh in the Rajya Sabha, in which Vice President PJ Kurien asked to limit his intervention that exceeds three minutes.

If Aadhaar: the Supreme Court established a court of nine judges
“I will renounce the Rajya Sabha today … I have no moral right to be in the house, if I may not put my views on the atrocities against the Dalits.” Mayawati withdrew Kurien before the fall of the premises.

After the UP UP UP strike, members of the opposition began to raise slogans and forced the postponement of the House.

The term Mayawati in the upper chamber until April of the following year. The decision to accept the resignation of Mayawati responsibility of the president. The format states that the letter of resignation should be brief and that the reasons are not to mention.

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Karnataka demands state flag, sets up panel to study legal provisions

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Karnataka demands state flag, sets up panel to study legal provisions

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Karnataka demands state flag, sets up panel to study legal provisions

Karnataka has set up a nine-member panel to study legal provisions to have a state indicator, officials said Tuesday in a measure seen as a political Gambat by government polls before Congress next year.

The only state with a separate flag is Jammu and Kashmir, which enjoys special powers under Article 370 of the Constitution.

It is also said that the Center intends to grant a separate flag Nagaland under a treaty can be signed with the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (I-H).

Karnataka has an unofficial red and yellow flag used for cultural events and as a symbol of Kannada pride.

The measure of the Congressional government in Karnataka is manifested by the increase in public sentiment against the Center’s alleged attempt to impose Hindi residents of Kannada State.

Authorities said the formal notice of the panel’s constitution was released on June 9

A challenge, Prime Minister Siddaramaiah, defended his movement on Tuesday.

“Is there a provision of the Constitution that bans a state has a flag? ‘” Siddaramaiah told reporters.

In 2012, when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was in power in the state, the state government had opposed a similar scrutiny in an affidavit filed before the High Court of Karnataka at the time, saying the separate flag would undermine sainthood Granted to the national flag.

Experts HT spoke, said there was no legal impediment in a state flag.
“There is no provision in the Constitution or in the flag code that bans a state to have a separate official flag,” said Alok Prasana Kumar, a Bangalore-based lawyer, has also been operating to the Supreme Court.

Kumar said a code by the flag appears in the national code was adopted as law.

“If a code of this type is provided, the consent of the president is required. This is because the government and then consider the relationship of this brand with the national flag.”

While Siddarmaiah denied any link between the decision and the elections of the next meeting, political analyst Narendar Pani said that this was part of the widespread anger in the state against the Center.

“There has always been an anti-sense, which spread in 1983 when Gokak agitation,” said Pani, a faculty of the National Institute for Advanced Studies.

Gokak’s agitation of 1980 succeeded in giving primacy to the Kannada language in the state which had previously followed a formula in three languages ​​including Hindi and English.

“We must realize that this reaction is illuminated by various factors, including what is considered an injustice granted to the State in the subject of Cauvery,” we said, he added, referring to a shared water dispute with decades of Tamil Nadu.

Pani told Congress, the upcoming elections would be led by Siddarmaiah and district-level leaders. “In this sense, national leaders will have little to say on these issues,” he added.

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Parliament session live: Both Houses adjourned over opposition protests

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Parliament session live: Both Houses adjourned over opposition protests

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Parliament session live: Both Houses adjourned over opposition protests

New Delhi: As might be expected, the second day of the monsoon session of Parliament began with loud protests from opposition banks for the Narendra Modi government over protests from farmers and lynching by vacheurs.

The monsoon session is crucial, as the government seeks to promote Modi several key legislations.

Some of the major bills that will be introduced on the Lok Sabha Tuesday include the bill on the application and acquisition of property (Amendment), 2017 Indian Institute of Information Technology Act, 2014 children’s right to Free and compulsory education (amendment) of 2017.

Rajya Sabha has listed the Bill on Fan Protection (Amendment), 2015, in its agenda for the day.

These are the latest updates and developments related to the current monsoon session of Parliament:

■ A draft law providing for the modification of the rules governing the amount of compensation to be paid to the acquisition of real estate by the central government was introduced on Tuesday at Lok Sabha.

The “application and acquisition of real estate (Amendment), 2017” bill was submitted by the Minister of State for planning, program implementation and statistics Rao Inderjit Singh.

It was originally presented by M Venkaiah Naidu, who resigned as Urban Development Minister yesterday after being named a candidate for the vice presidential election.

■ The government plans to introduce a new national pharmaceutical policy and details are already being developed, Parliament was informed today. “The government plans to introduce a new national pharmaceutical policy.

Details are being developed, the Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers Mansukh El Mandaviya told Lok Sabha in a written response, PTI reported.

■ The Center has called on governments of states to register FIR in all “adverse incidents” that occur in the name of protection of the cow, Lok Sabha was reported today.

According to PTI, the Minister of State at the House Hansraj Ahir said that responsibility for maintaining public order, protecting lives and property and attacking incidents against livestock traders, cattle feeders, Muslims, Dalits and producers Of milk based primarily on state governments.

A notice concerning adverse effects on livestock, disturbance of public order by its name suspicious of cow protection, mandatory registration of a complaint for cognitive offenses, regardless of jurisdiction and provision of a copy of the FIR Was issued to the States / UT, answered a written question.

■ A bill providing for the creation of the Indian Institute of Oil and Energy in Andhra Pradesh was introduced on Tuesday at Lok Sabha.

The institute was established in the Visakhapatnam district under the central government’s commitment to set up an oil university under the Reorganization Act of Andhra Pradesh in 2014, according to the objects and motives of the bill, said PTI.

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India's response to Doklam more reasonable than China's: Ex-White House official to India Today


India’s response to Doklam more reasonable than China’s: Ex-White House official to India Today

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India’s response to Doklam more reasonable than China’s: Ex-White House official to India Today

Exclusive interview with Joshua White, former White House chief
Joshua White has been a member of the White House as a consultant and director of South Asian Affairs on the National Security Council in the Obama administration. He is currently associate professor of education in South Asia at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Question. There was an increase in terror from Pakistan. In your experience, what is the importance of the State in supporting terrorist organizations and terrorism?

Years. We are concerned about the series of attacks we have seen in Pathankot, Gurdaspur and then Uri and we are very sympathetic with what India has to do in this regard.

Each of these attacks was attributed to groups operating in Pakistan and it was the evolution of the US position that I fully support that, at the end of the day, we believe that if these attacks can be assigned to groups based in Pakistan, Pakistan Is in what is perhaps to blame for these attacks may not be for their active participation, as it is unclear whether some parts of the official establishment were involved, but Pakistan’s continued failure to cope with these groups to limit its operations, Force their fundraising, their public activities if Pakistan has any responsibility for the behavior of these groups and has been changing the US position, regardless of what we think direct direct complicity.

Question. The appointment of Syed Salahuddin was a great diplomatic victory for India, but the measure was rejected by Pakistan and Salahuddin was hailed as a freedom fighter. What do you do in Pakistan openly support global terrorism?

Years. It is unacceptable. I have greatly supported the designation of the United States in this regard. The United States has called on Pakistan to restrict the activities of these groups, but also to force its public space, its demonstrations, its meetings, its public spaces and work to delegitimize these groups.

My experience in Pakistan was that every time the Pakistani government really wants to deal with a problem group, it finds a way to do that and often starts delegitimizing sending a message that these groups are not acceptable, that their activities and their meetings Are not acceptable.

These are the types of messages we have not seen from Pakistan on targeted groups in Kashmir in Lashkar-e-Taiba, a number of other groups.

This leads us to think that, despite the rhetoric, they are not however serious in limiting these groups and treating them substantially.

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Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter


Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter

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Spacecraft in Images: Exploring Jupiter

It may still be five years since its launch, and more than a decade before our explorer of the icy moon of Jupiter reaches the gas giant and its frozen moons, but the preparations are well advanced.

The impression of this new artist is the final design of the spacecraft, the construction of which is overseen by Airbus Defense and Space.

The solar panels of the spacecraft form a distinct form of 97 m², the largest ever fly in an interplanetary mission.

Size is essential to generate enough energy – 850 W – for instruments and spacecrafts a lot of sun.

According to the SEC July 17 (local time), it has been equipped with a laboratory instrument that will study the turbulent atmosphere of Jupiter and extensive magnetosphere, and the study of planet-sized moons, Ganymede, Europe and Callisto.

The three moons are believed to have oceans of liquid water under their icy shells and should provide key clues about the potential of these moons housing habitable environments.

The cameras will capture exquisite juice detail of the lunar characteristics as well as the identification of ice and minerals on their surfaces.

Other instruments will sound underground and interior moons to better understand the location and nature of its underground oceans. Dim atmosphere around the moon will also be explored.

Spacecraft also includes arrows such as 10 m long magnetometer mast (seen below under Artist’s impression), a 16 m radar antenna (long bar at the top) and antennas for measuring electric and magnetic fields.

Ganymede is the only moon in the solar system to generate its own internal magnetic field and juice is well equipped to document its behavior and explore its interaction with the Jupiter magnetosphere.

The juice is to be released in the year 2022 in a trip of seven years for the system of Jupiter. His tour will include a dedicated orbiting phase of Jupiter, directed flybows Europe, Ganymede and Callisto, and finally nine months in orbit around Ganymede – the first time the moon beyond ours was an orbitée spacecraft.

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How do you work out if a signal from space is a message from aliens?


How do you work out if a signal from space is a message from aliens?

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How do you work out if a signal from space is a message from aliens?

Astronomers working on the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico have detected a strange radio signal, seen in pointing their telescopes at nearby star Ross 128.

Do not worry about the possibility of an extraterrestrial civilization that communicates with us again. “If you are wondering, the recurring assumption of foreigners is at the bottom of many other better explanations,” said Abel Mendez, the scientist who runs the campaign.

Of course, this does not prevent others from speculating that the signal may be correct.

And the question arises, how do you determine if a strange signal in space is really an extraterrestrial message? The simple answer is that you should exclude any first primer and only then, do you think you are foreigners. In Sherlock Holmes’s words:

“When the impossible has been eliminated, what remains, though unlikely, must be the truth.” But the elimination of all other possibilities is not exactly simple.

When radiopulsars were detected for the first time in 1967, the “little green men” were considered at least as a possibility – before they act quickly neutron stars become. The discovery has opened up a new field of astrophysics, so it can hardly be considered a disappointment.
The Arecibo radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. H. Schweiker / WIYN and NOAO / AURA / NSF.
There have been other cases. In 1977, astronomers have detected a blast of radio nicknamed “WOW signal” – and discussed its origin in decades.

Only recently, it was suggested that there could be a natural explanation: emission of a comet that was on the right side of the sky.

However, other astronomers have questioned the idea of the kite, so they can not be considered resolved yet.

Another mysterious sign is that the tabby star shows strange quasi-periodic punctures in its brightness.

Could this prove the orbit of mega foreign structures, or is it just a cloud of natural debris surrounding the star? Once again, the jury is still out of it, but of course they have not ruled out all the natural possibilities.

Ross saw signal 128, which is 11 light years from Earth, consisted of quasi-periodic radio pulses across a wide range of frequencies. The observations were carried out on May 12 in the range 4-5 GHz and lasted about ten minutes.

A periodic signal naturally attracts attention to itself and could indicate an artificial origin. However, some natural processes can also lead to periodic signals. The pulses could be due to something like solar flares coming from the red dwarf star (a small and relatively cool star).

Such stars are indeed prone to this type of activity, but researchers say radio pulses are different from those already seen in other similar stars.

It is perhaps more likely that the signals are similar close to home – the result of interference from an artificial satellite in high-altitude terrestrial orbit passing through the field of view of the telescope during observations.

However, such a satellite signal has not been seen before either. The Arecibo team is planning further observations to verify these possibilities.

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Images of Jupiter inspire and thrill public to participate


Images of Jupiter inspire and thrill public to participate

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Images of Jupiter inspire and thrill public to participate

The evaluation of the camera images found in NASA’s Juno spacecraft currently around Jupiter has become a kind of craft industry as amateurs, experienced researchers and consummate artists are turning to “drawing” images in different Strokes ranging from whimsical to catchy display and everything else.

The only question that is so far is how accurately they reflect reality and there is no other way for the normal observer to analyze the results?

The JunoCam Imager, unlike other NASA spacecraft onboard the Juno spacecraft, settled on the scientific objectives of the mission dependent on a series of 8 other instruments to study the internal structure of Jupiter, its magnetic fields and gravity Of the immediate environment.

The images captured by JunoCam little analyzed by the builder of the Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego camera and the immediately published online images. The consequences that follow after the publication in the public.

“Once we are in the hands, we have no control after that. We can not exercise control over what is done with the data,” said Candy Hansen, who directs the JunoCam instrument treatment and a senior scientist at the Institute of Science Planetary.

“So we have everything right from the moment we processed the scientific order to the incredible whimsical piece of art. So it’s a bit too much for you, which can be considered as a behavioral buyer situation.”

Even then, she added: “We are all present in the sense that I do not have team of scientists and image processors on the waiting line for cases where the public is not present.

We have no budget, no staff or anything like that. We totally depend on public opinion and find that most of them have done a great job. “

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